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Mobile Patrols

ESP Security mobile patrols are an effective way of having a highly visible security presence and trespass deterrent without the costs associated with around the clock guarding.

Our patrol services can be customised to meet the commercial, operational and budgetary considerations of your business, including the frequency and combinations of random and or scheduled patrols, internal site inspections, opening and lockup of facilities, staff escorts and welfare checks. Our coverage includes the entire Sydney metropolitan area. All customer premises are visibly sign-posted as an ESP Security patrolled site.

Alarm and Emergency Response
Being able to respond quickly is essential in minimising property loss and securing the premises. Our alarm and emergency response service is a rapid response to a triggered alarm or emergency, attended to by our nearest located patrol car. All ESP vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking technology and incorporate 2-way communications as well as data logging of all patrol and response attendances.

Opening and Closing of Premises
ESP provide timely opening and lockup services, whereby a patrol officer will attend to the opening and closing of a customer business, industrial site or sports facility prior to the arrival of staff or customers and at the close of business or end of the day.

Escort Services

ESP provide discreet and professional escort services, accompanying staff or individuals with the transit of money and or valuables or where there is a sufficiently considered security threat.